Division members are dedicated to patient care, research, medical education, and quality improvement and patient safety.

Dr. Shane Arishenkoff (Clinical Assistant Professor; VGH CTU Director)
Dr. Nathan Chan (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Lawrence Chow (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Cary Cuncic (Clinical Assistant Professor; Faculty of Medicine Undergraduate Director—Year 3,4)
Dr. Sharmistha Das (Clinical Assistant Professor; VGH Discipline Specific Site Lead)
Dr. Kevin Eva (Professor)
Dr. Tristen Gilchrist (Clinical Assistant Professor; Associate Program Director - Curriculum, Internal Medicine Residency Program)
Dr. Brian Hwanki Kim (CHES Clinical Educator Fellow, UBC)
Dr. Laura Kuyper (Clinical Assistant Professor, Ambulatory Lead, VGH)
Dr. Iain Mackie (Clinical Professor)
Dr. Iain McCormick (Clinical Assistant Professor, VGH Division Head)
Dr. Kaitlyn Mellor (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Matt Michaleski (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Daniel Moller (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Erin Morley (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Harp Nagi (Clinical Assistant Professor; Undergraduate Education Program Director)
Dr. Trudy Nasmith (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Aman Nijjar (Clinical Assistant Professor, Head of Recruitment Committee)
Dr. Jay Pai (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Simon Pimstone (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Natasha Qureshi (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Mark Roberts (Clinical Professor; Director, Internal Medicine Residency)
Dr. Zachary Schwartz (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Erin Sloan (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Dave Sohi (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. John Staples (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Penny Tam (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Karen Tran (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Mihalo Veljovic (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Chandana (Peter) Weerasinghe (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Alec Windt (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Katie Wiskar (Clinical Instructor)

Dr. Anshula Ambasta (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Ric Arseneau (Clinical Professor)
Dr. Nazli Baradaran (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Matthew Brooks (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Liam Brunham (Associate Professor)
Dr. Alex Chan (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Barry Chan (Clinical Assistant Professor)​
Dr. Peter Chen (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Alejandro Dau (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Krzysztof Dobosz (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Chipman Taylor Drury (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Katrina Dutkiewicz (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Anthony Gador (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Jesse Greiner (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Steve Ham (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Rose Hatala (Professor)
Dr. Renée Janssen (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Barry Kassen (Clinical Professor and Division Head, Community General Internal Medicine)
Dr. Nadia Khan (Professor; UBC Division Head, General Internal Medicine)
Dr. Gil Kimel (Clinical Associate Professor)
Dr. Parabhdeep Lail (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. R. Jane McKay (Clinical Associate Professor)
Dr. Birinder K. Mangat (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Stefany Morrison (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Jake Onrot (Clinical Professor)
Dr. Anita Palepu (Professor and Head, UBC Department of Medicine; PHC Department of Medicine Chief)
Dr. Poupak (Anna) Rahmani (Clinical Assistant Professor; SPH Medical Education Physician Lead)
Dr. Debbie Rosenbaum (Clinical Associate Professor; SPH Discipline Specific Site Lead)
Dr. Bizath Taqui Ali (Clinical Associate Professor)
Dr. James Tessaro (Clinical Associate Professor; Fellowship Program Director)
Dr. Tony Wan (Clinical Instructor; Associate Physician Program Director)
Dr. Terence Yung (Clinical Assistant Professor)

Dr. Wee-Shian Chan (Clinical Professor; Division Head BCWH)
Dr. Tessa Chaworth-Musters (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Renée Janssen (Clinical Instructor)

Dr. Alyssa Shariff (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Nora Ruth Cummins (Clinical Associate Professor)
Dr. Nataliya Golishevski (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Frederick Rydz (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Andrea E Tothill (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Charles Legh Walsh (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Tung Tang (Clinical Assistant Professor)

Dr. Matthew Bernard (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Erin Blake (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Tara Anne Cessford (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Terry Chu (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Colleen Foster (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Cori Gabana (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Meghan Ho (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Emily Lai (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Nidhi Sood (Clinical Instructor)

Dr. Sylvie Galindo (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Paul Charles Hertz (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Nasim Mahmoudi (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Kevin Iain McLeod (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Jen Montis (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Naveen Singh Sandhu (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Katherine Thompson Shoults (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Tom Walton (Clinical Instructor)

Dr. Roopjeet Kahlon (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Faraz Moein Vaziri (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Michael Perlman (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Swetha Sriram (Clinical Instructor)

Dr. Theodore Paul Jankowski (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Allan Nestor Kostyniuk (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Danny N Myers (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Vanja Petrovic (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Jesse Allan Pewarchuk (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Peter Alexander Sherk (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Doug Skinnider (Clinical Instructor)

Dr. Angus William Naylor Cherry (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Vahid Sahiholnasab (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Benjamin Sehmer (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Dong Yong You (Clinical Instructor)

Dr. Khalid Bashir (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Sarah Broder (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Chadwyn Leighton Dyck (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Abu Obeida Hamour (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. David Dean Kincade (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Chris Wayne Little (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Shannon L.F. Walker (Clinical Assistant Professor)

Dr. Jasmine Kerr (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Gina Marie Polley (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Christine Simpson (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Arthur Oscar Skotnicki (Clinical Instructor)

Dr. Christopher D Main (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Scott David McKee (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Callum Graham Reid (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Nadia Widmer (Clinical Instructor)

Dr. Mina Selim Roshdi Aziz (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Hector Baillie (Clinical Professor)
Dr. Kevin Lai (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Mike Peter Lang (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Xavier Thompson (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Jean-Philippe Wallach (Clinical Instructor)