Division members are dedicated to patient care, research, medical education, and quality improvement and patient safety.

We have over 40 members located at BC Women’s Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital, and Vancouver General Hospital.

Our faculty include:

  • Those who have been appointed by the Board of Governors of UBC – on a either a full or part-time basis – to positions as Instructor, Senior Instructor, Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor or equivalent and sometimes known collectively as “tenure or tenure track” and / or “Geographic Full Time (GFT) Faculty,” and
  • Those who are the major providers of care at the teaching hospitals and agencies affiliated with the University, recognized primarily for their outstanding contribution to quality teaching in clinical practice, and who carry the designation “Clinical Faculty.”

Dr. Shane Arishenkoff (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Nathan Chan (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Cary Cuncic (Clinical Assistant Professor; Faculty of Medicine Undergraduate Director—Year 3,4)
Dr. Sharmistha Das (Clinical Assistant Professor; VGH Discipline Specific Site Lead)
Dr. Kevin Eva (Professor)
Dr. Tristen Gilchrist (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Laura Kuyper (Clinical Assistant Professor, Ambulatory Lead, VGH)
Dr. Iain Mackie (Clinical Professor)
Dr. Iain McCormick (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Erin Morley (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Harp Nagi (Clinical Assistant Professor; Undergraduate Education Program Director)
Dr. Aman Nijjar (Clinical Assistant Professor, Head of Recruitment Committee)
Dr. Simon Pimstone (Clinical Associate Professor)
Dr. Mark Roberts (Clinical Professor)
Dr. Zachary Schwartz (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Erin Sloan (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Dave Sohi (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. John Staples (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Penny Tam (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Karen Tran (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Chandana (Peter) Weerasinghe (Clinical Assistant Professor)

Dr. Wee-Shian Chan (Clinical Professor)
Dr. Tessa Chaworth-Musters (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Renée Janssen (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Jayson Potts (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Susan Purkiss (Clinical Assistant Professor)

Dr. Ric Arseneau (Clinical Professor, Ambulatory Education Lead, SPH)
Dr. Jesse Bittman (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Liam Brunham (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Alex Chan (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Barry Chan (Clinical Assistant Professor)​
Dr. Peter Chen (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Marie-Pierre Dallaire (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Jesse Greiner (Clinical Instructor)​
Dr. Steve Ham (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Rose Hatala (Professor)
Dr. Renée Janssen (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Barry Kassen (Clinical Professor and Acting Division Head, Community General Internal Medicine)
Dr. Nadia Khan (Professor)
Dr. Gil Kimel (Clinical Associate Professor)
Dr. R. Jane McKay (Clinical Associate Professor)
Dr. Birinder K. Mangat (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Trudy Nasmith (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Jake Onrot (Clinical Professor)
Dr. Anita Palepu (Professor and Division Head; Head, UBC Department of Medicine)
Dr. Poupak (Anna) Rahmani (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Debbie Rosenbaum (Clinical Associate Professor; SPH Discipline Specific Site Lead)
Dr. James Tessaro (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Dr. Stéphane Voyer (Clinical Associate Professor and General Internal Medicine Fellowship Program Director)
Dr. Tony Wan (Clinical Instructor)
Dr. Terence Yung (Clinical Instructor)