Dr. Simon Pimstone

Dr. Simon Pimstone


Clinical Assistant Professor, Div. of General Internal Medicine

Associate Member, Div. of Cardiology


Vancouver General Hospital


Dr. Simon Pimstone received his MD from the University of Cape Town. He is an Internal Medicine specialist (FRCPC, UBC, 2001) with an interest in cardiovascular disease. Prior to his specialization, he trained as a clinical research fellow with the Department of Medical Genetics at UBC and obtained his PhD through the University of Amsterdam in cardiovascular genetics in 1998.

Dr. Pimstone serves as consultant physician at the UBC Medical and Cardiology Clinic at UBC Hospital in Vancouver. He is a founder and co-PI of the Study to Avoid cardioVascular events in BC (SAVE BC), a provincial program screening families with very premature atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. After seeing two close friends suffer major myocardial infarctions under forty years of age, he was moved to establish a screening platform in BC to ensure we do what we can to identify high risk individuals as early as possible. SAVE BC was the solution to this challenge.

Dr. Pimstone is also a founder, Director, and Chief Executive Officer at XYON Health Inc., a leading North American e-health company. He has also held positions on a number of life sciences and biotechnology boards including Xenon Pharmaceuticals, Eupraxia Pharmaceuticals and Alpha-9 Oncology. .


  • Screening for cardiovascular disease
  • Managing patients with high cardiovascular risk
  • Genetics of cardiovascular disease

Dr. Pimstone is a founder and co-PI of the Study to Avoid cardioVascular events in BC (SAVE BC). It is a first-of-its kind research program in BC and Canada, with medical specialists identifying, managing and providing long term follow-up to individuals in BC with early and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and their first degree relatives and spouses, who are known to be at increased risk.

He was a member of the Science, Technology and Innovation Council, which reports to the Federal Ministry of Industry. At that time, he co-chaired the 2013 State of Nation report, an internationally read report benchmarking science and technology performance across OECD countries.

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Globe & Mail Top 40 Under 40 Award (2005)

Business in Vancouver Top 40 Under 40 Award (2004)

John H. Dirks Prize for Best Research Project by a Core Resident (1999)

American College of Physicians and Surgeons Residents Research Award (1998)

University of Cape Town: Standard Bank Scholarship and Cape Senior Certificate Academic Merit Award (1985)