Point of Care Ultrasound Program

Point of care ultrasound (PoCUS) is an emerging tool that has the potential to provide a wealth of information to the clinician at the bedside.

Dr. Shane Arishenkoff leads the Division’s PoCUS program, which includes regular access to ultrasound activities and instruction, including a 4-week ultrasound and procedures block.

The Division recognizes that developing ultrasound training has many benefits and aims to be a leader in this area, recognizing that:

  1. Training in bedside ultrasound can enhance the clinical examination and improve patient care.
  2. Ultrasound can serve as a powerful teaching tool, and therefore, may serve to improve the delivery of non-ultrasound clinical skills.
  3. Medical schools are beginning to incorporate ultrasound into pre-clinical training and these future residents will be looking for post-graduate training that can accommodate their ultrasound learning needs.
  4. The Division can contribute to research in the use of point of care ultrasound.

The Division aims to create opportunities for development of ultrasound skills that will prepare the learner for clinical practice. Our goals are making instructors available so they can help residents enhance their skills, providing access to ultrasound machines and learning resources that allow learners to practice, and developing evaluation materials in order to recognize those who have achieved a satisfactory level of competence. In addition, we aim to stay involved with national initiatives within the ultrasound community and contribute to incorporating ultrasound at the level of the Royal College.

Point of care ultrasound is an exciting addition to clinical medicine with incredible potential. The Division aims to harness the multitude of benefits and will deliberately and carefully work towards delivering those advantages to residents in Internal Medicine at UBC.

For more information, contact Dr. Arishenkoff.