GIM Electives

All General Internal Medicine (CTU, or Community GIM) elective rotations requests need to be sent to Andrea Toker, Postgraduate Education Program Coordinator. Following is a detailed process for applying for a General Internal Medicine Elective at UBC.

  1. Contact Andrea Toker. Ensure you include your PGY level, your home university, the planned dates of the elective and your site preference if you have one. If you wish to undertake a community General Internal Medicine elective, please ensure this is clearly marked.
  2. For a CTU Rotation at VGH or SPH, approval will be sought by Andrea Toker from the CTU Director and the Chief Medical Resident. Residents who are interested in the GIM Fellowship Program should consider this option.
    • For Community Rotations: Advise the community you are interested in. You will be provided with contact details and are responsible for setting up the rotation directly with the supervisor. You will need to complete the UBC Application for Postgraduate Resident Elective form, and obtain a letter of support from your community supervisor. See #4 for details on the final step. Your community supervisor will be responsible for setting up hospital/computer access for you.
  3. Once approval is received by the VGH or SPH site, we will contact you and ask you to complete the UBC Application for Postgraduate Resident Elective form and return it to the GIM.
    The completed form and an email from the GIM Division Head, Dr. Anita Palepu, will be sent to the UBC PGME office, confirming the Division’s approval of the elective. A copy of the email will be sent to you for your program.
  4. The Postgraduate Dean’s Office will contact you to confirm the elective, and advise you how to register with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC in order to become licensed. For further information, visit the CPSBC Resident-Elective website.
  5. One month before the start of your elective, contact the Chief Medical Resident at the site you will be working to confirm your schedule etc., where to report etc. You can reach the CMRs at the following addresses:
  6. Computer Access
    • St. Paul’s Hospital: For a SPH elective, contact Andrea Toker as soon as you receive your CPSBC number, you need to contact me, so she can arrange PCIS access for you.  You may complete the training beforehand on the Providence Health Care website.
    • Vancouver General Hospital: For an VGH elective, access is organized online. A letter of support is also required; please contact Andrea once you have completed the necessary training and she will arrange the letter from the CTU director at VGH.
      • For transcription services at VGH, you will require a CPSID from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. As soon as you are given a CPSID number, contact transcription services at or call 604-806-9696.

For out-of-town residents:

Upon arrival in Vancouver, you need to complete/arrange the following;

  1. Report to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC to pick up your temporary educational license;
  2. Pick up a temporary hospital ID as follows:
  3. Useful Links