Perioperative Medicine

With their advanced training in Perioperative Medicine, the Internal Medicine Perioperative Care Team (IMPCT) members have worked in conjunction with anesthesia and cardiology to implement standardized approaches and regional protocols to manage patients with myocardial injury after non-cardiac surgery (MINS).  The high surgical volumes provide exposure to broad areas of perioperative medicine, including, thrombosis, diabetic management, geriatrics, heart failure, amongst many others. IMPCT members provide preoperative risk assessments to high-risk surgical patients in our daily preoperative clinics as well as for urgent and emergent non-elective surgeries.

We have a wide range of learners from GIM fellows to surgical residents and are proud to provide this valuable education amongst this group of trainees.  Monthly educational rounds are currently being delivered by our GIM fellows, which enhance the overall experience.

If you have questions about the Perioperative Medicine program, please contact Dr. Zachary Schwartz (Zachary.Schwartz[at]vch[dot]ca).