GIM Fellowship

UBC offers a RCPSC-accredited two year sub-specialty training in General Internal Medicine. The Division accepts between 6-8 applicants per year, via the CaRMS MSM sub-specialty match.

The program is interested in applicants who wish to focus on either an academic or clinical stream.

The fourth year of GIM Fellowship is focused on obtaining the necessary skills for the practice of General Internal Medicine. The fellowship is characterized by graded responsibility and by increasing levels of independent decision-making under supervision. By the end of the fourth year, the resident will be able to demonstrate a level of knowledge, clinical skills, technical skills, and attitudes consistent with independent consulting practice. Many of the rotations in the fourth year are taken outside of Vancouver, in smaller communities around BC. These rotations are considered a mandatory part of the GIM Fellowship Training at UBC.

The fifth year of training at UBC is extremely flexible based on the career path of the resident. Commonly pursued options are detailed on the Overview page.