Obstetric Medicine Training

Our team of General Internists focused on medical complications in pregnancy are based primarily at BC Women’s Hospital (BCWH) in Vancouver, BC, but also provide regular ambulatory care to pregnant women at St. Paul’s Hospital and patients in Surrey. The team further supports physicians remotely throughout the province in the management of medical disorders during pregnancy.

Mandatory rotations for Obstetric Medicine for Specialty Training in General Internal Medicine resident trainees are coordinated through Andrea Toker, GIM Fellowship Program Coordinator. Limited opportunities for other sub-specialty residents who might wish to spend one month in Obstetric Medicine might also be available. There are also opportunities to participate in the Annual Medical Disorders in Pregnancy Conference, which the Obstetric Medicine team organizes.

For local and international GIM Fellows wishing to undertake extended training and pursue a career in Obstetric Medicine, opportunities exist at BCWH.