Media Highlights


October 29—Social isolation puts women at higher risk of hypertension
Global News covered new research by UBC researchers, with Dr. Nadia Khan as co-author.

April 17—Why does the coronavirus appear to spare children?
The National Post published a piece by Dr. Simon Pimstone on why children are less affected by the coronavirus.

April 9—How are we really doing in B.C. containing COVID-19?
Dr. Simon Pimstone wrote an op-ed in The Vancouver Sun on BC’s response to COVID-19.

April 8—Letter to the Editor: Re: Advice On Masks Is Changing As Coronavirus Knowledge Evolves
Drs. Jake Onrot and Gil Kimel co-wrote this letter to The Globe and Mail regarding mask usage guidelines and COVID-19.

March 18—What do I need to know about COVID-19 and blood pressure? Plus, when should I worry about my blood pressure?
Dr. Nadia Khan discusses hypertension and COVID-19 on the podcast The Dose with Dr. Brian Goldman.

January 14—One-on-one with Dr. Anita Palepu
The Faculty of Medicine interviewed Dr. Palepu and discussed her new role as Head of the Department of Medicine.

January 9—25 is the new 40?
Dr. Liam Brunham discussed his latest research on high cholesterol screening in The Daily Scan.


October 8—Vancouver clinic highlights how to spot and prevent thrombosis
Dr. Anna Rahmani discussed World Thrombosis Day and how thrombosis affects Canadians on Global BC.
VIDEO: Signs and symptoms of deep vein thrombosis
VIDEO: Vancouver hospital teaching blood clot awareness

July 8—Study by Vancouver hospitals tracks heart disease in young adults
City News 1130 interviewed Dr. Liam Brunham about SAVE BC and heart disease in young adults.

April 21—How safe is it to take medication during pregnancy?
Dr. Wee-Shian Chan talked to Global News about taking medications during pregnancy.

March 19—St. Paul’s Thrombosis Clinic’s expanded hours mean faster treatment of a serious condition
Providence Health Care profiled the Thrombosis Clinic in The Daily Scan.


October 31—Halloween creates higher risk for pedestrian deaths
New research led by Dr. John Staples looks at fatal car incidents on Halloween. The story was covered by over 70 news outlets.

July 17—B.C. has second-highest hospital readmission rate in Canada; solutions elusive
The Vancouver Sun interviewed Dr. John Staples on hospital readmission rates in BC.

June 13—Public Salon 2018
Dr. Liam Brunham presented at this event hosted by Global Civic founder Sam Sullivan.

May 22—“Ticking Time Bombs” (audio)
Dr. Simon Pimstone discussed SAVE BC with CBC’s Stephen Quinn.

May 9—The Heart Disease Time Bomb
Dr. Simon Pimstone talks to Breakfast Television about early onset heart disease.

May 8—Doctors warn we’re losing the battle against heart disease
Dr. Simon Pimstone talks about heart disease on Global News BC.

February 27—Pharmacists seek greater role in treating hypertension in New Brunswick
The National Post interviewed Dr. Nadia Khan about treating hypertension in New Brunswick.

February—4/20 and Fatal Road Crashes
Dr. John Staples’ letter on fatal road crashes during the 4/20 cannabis celebration, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, was mentioned by 125 news outlets worldwide.