GIM members receive 19 Department awards

Numerous Division members were recognized for teaching excellence at the 2019 UBC Department of Medicine Awards ceremony.

Dr. James Tessaro received the Shelley Naiman Award for Outstanding Teaching by Faculty, and Stephane Voyer received the St. Paul’s Hospital Master Teacher Award.

Seventeen Division members made it on the Honour Roll for Faculty Excellence in Clinical Teaching, for a total of 19 awards. These awards are given to Department members who are evaluated as being in the top 10% of trainee evaluations for providing excellent contributions to the clinical educational experiences of their residents.

“Honour Roll” recipients were:

  • Shane Arishenkoff (Postgraduate Inpatient)
  • Iain Mackie (Postgraduate Inpatient)
  • Aman Nijjar (Postgraduate Inpatient)
  • Anna Rahmani (Postgraduate Inpatient)
  • James Tessaro (Postgraduate Inpatient and Undergraduate Inpatient)
  • Sharmistha Das (Postgraduate Outpatient)
  • Zachary Schwartz (Postgraduate Outpatient)
  • Liam Brunham (Undergraduate Inpatient)
  • Peter Chen (Undergraduate Inpatient)
  • Laura Kuyper (Undergraduate Inpatient)
  • Trudy Nasmith (Undergraduate Inpatient)
  • Debbie Rosenbaum (Undergraduate Inpatient)
  • Tara Sedlak (Undergraduate Inpatient)
  • Davedeep Sohi (Undergraduate Inpatient)
  • Karen Tran (Undergraduate Inpatient)
  • Stephane Voyer (Undergraduate Inpatient)
  • Tony Wan (Undergraduate Outpatient)


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