Iain Mackie

Clinical Professor

Dr. Iain Mackie is a Clinical Professor in the Division of General Internal Medicine at Vancouver General Hospital and UBC. He graduated from the University of Toronto and underwent residency training in Internal Medicine at the University of Western Ontario. He was Director of the Intensive Care Unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital and the founder of the HIV/AIDS Care Programme at the University of Western Ontario.

Dr. Mackie transferred to UBC in 1996 and has worked at Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre and St. Paul’s Hospital. He is Director of the HIV/AIDS Clinical Care Programme at Vancouver General Hospital, and has recently founded the very successful Internal Medicine Perioperative Care Programme at Vancouver General Hospital (IMPCT).

Dr. Mackie is an innovative and award winning teacher at both UBC and the University of Western Ontario. He was Citizen of the Year in London, Ontario in 1992 and won the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 1992 in recognition of his national and community service on behalf of persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Mackie is recognized as a national leader in General Internal Medicine. He has served as Chair and Acting Chair of the Division of General Internal Medicine at both Western and UBC, as well as at Vancouver General Hospital. Nationally, he is a member of the Examination Board for the Internal Medicine oral examinations at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He has served as Programme Director for Internal Medicine at UBC and Chair of the Internal Medicine Programme Directors Committee at the Royal College.

Outside of medicine, Dr. Mackie is an avid traveller and hiker, and ardent photographer. He has been married to Bill Graham for over 30 years, and lives in Kitsilano and on Bowen Island, BC.


Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal (1992)
Vancouver General Hospital
7th Floor, 2775 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9