Marie-Pierre Dallaire

Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Marie-Pierre Dallaire completed her fellowship in General Internal Medicine with a special focus on access to care for remote populations and First Nations health in 2014. She joined the Division of Internal Medicine at St. Paul’s Hospital in 2014, including CTU teaching activities.

Since then, Dr. Dallaire has pursued a varied practice in inpatient and outpatient medicine in urban, rural and remote settings, providing support to rural and local primary care providers. She also works with different hospital committees to advance technological solutions to address care access challenges, including asynchronous and synchronous telehealth solutions (eCASE, for instance). She has been part of the Urban GP Outreach CALI project to develop innovative solutions for easier, more timely specialized care access for family physicians and patients.

  • Telehealth
  • Rural and remote medicine
  • First Nations health

Dr. Dallaire focuses on care delivery and access for rural and remote populations, with a special concern for First Nation populations. This has led her to integrated solutions including visiting clinics, shared care, and telehealth.

329 – 280 Nelson Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2E2